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Archery Performance Academy 2022 Summer Schedule

Where: East of Zimmerman & South of Princeton

When: Thursday evening 6:30PM-8:00PM April 28-July 14

Cost: $60 per member / $120 non-member for 12-week session 

Additional Information: To register call or text Coach Linda Beck (612) 599-5364 or email lbeck73@gmail.com. During the session we will score for USA Archery JOAD achievement pins to receive pins must be a member of USA Archery Junior Olympic Archery Development Program - USA Archery (usarchery.org). We accept beginner to elite archers. Our goal is to help all archers improve and have fun. Coaching staff Linda Beck (Level 5), Paul Rupar, Jason Burley, Rob Knutson, Ali Williams and Amy Noehre (all Level 3 Coaches).

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